Errata Literary Magazine

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No. 8

summer 2005

Raymond Carver Issue

For the 2005 BCWW Summer Writing Project, each workshop member was asked to write a short story in the style of renown fiction writer Raymond Carver. Of eighteen entries, three were selected as the top three prize winners. In addition to his prize-winning short story, BCWW member JOHN WIREBACH also submitted an original essay on Carver's life and work.

John Wirebach: People Like Us: Life and Work of Raymond Carver. essay

Mary Jane Aklonis: The Coping Saw. fiction

John Wirebach: What Are You Doing Here? (NOTE: First Prize Winner) fiction

Chris Bauer: Number Four and Number Twelve. fiction

David Jarret: Iridescence. fiction

Roberta Kyle: The Meeting. fiction<

Al Honig: Boys Will Be Boys. fiction

Alan Shils: Who Done It? Who Cares? fiction

Sylvia Honig: Changes. fiction

Don Swaim: Hurry Up, Vern. fiction

Jules Winistorfer: The Devil in Blue Jeans fiction

Linda C. Wisniewski: What We Say When We Don't Know What To Do. (NOTE: Third Prize Winner) fiction

Connie Wrzesniewski: Slow Burn. fiction


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